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New teacher contracts

Dear members,   In our Minutes of the Board meeting of October 14, 2021, we brought to your attention the need for the school to make modifications to the local […]

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Summary of the LFI Tokyo Board Meeting held on 2022-02-16

Link to the full report in French (8 pages). Attended: director of the AEFE, administration, embassy, 1 staff representative, 2 parents’ representatives, 3/4 French advisors abroad. Recruitment 2022. […]

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Summary of the School Council held on 2021-11-22

Link to the full report in French (13 pages). One page summary of the School Council : In attendance: school administration, 5 primary / secondary school teacher representatives, 1 staff […]

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Summary of the School Council help on 24-05-2021

Link to the full CR in French English Summary of the School Council : Update of the internal rules for the 2021-2022 school year: At the Primary level, this […]

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Summary of the School Council held 2021/02/02

Link to the full report in French: Summary Adjustments to the health protocol of January 12, 2021 were validated and renewed. The process for developing the “Projet d’établissement” has […]

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Olympic and Paralympic Week

Dear families, Our school will participate for the third consecutive year in the Olympic and Paralympic Week (SOP in French) from February 1st to 5th. The program initially planned has […]

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FLT – Parents association – board members 2021-2022 

President : René Carraz

Vice-president for Primary School: Jessica Cosmao

Vice-president for Junior-Hi and High School: Laurence Vermont

Secretary: Séverin Ferrand

Treasurer : Laurent Wolff

As well as : Maxence Barbier, Vincent Brancourt, Thomas Brun,  Hugo Catherine, Célia Hughes, Thomas Launey, Stéphanie Moreels, Bruno Peyron, François Poncin, Madoka Poncin, André Salerno, Simon Serverin, Tomoko Takeuchi, Pierre-François Vilquin.

Special advisors : Sophie Blin, and François Roussel .

It is possible to join the FLT board members anytime during the school year, as specified in the association’s articles, usually following an adaptation period working with the existing team. New joiners’ information will be timely published on the FLT website.

You can contribute to the association and its work without joining its board: volunteers may participate to the extent of their availability and engagement preference anytime during the school year.

From left to right:

René CARRAZ, Jessica COSMAO, Laurence VERMONT, Séverin FERRAND, Laurent WOLFF, 

Hugo CATHERINE, Pierre-François VILQUIN, Simon SERVERIN, Vincent BRANCOURT, 

Maxence BARBIER, Thomas LAUNEY, Tomoko TAKEUCHI, Bruno PEYRON, 

Thomas BRUN*, Célia HUGHES, Stéphanie MOREELS, André SALERNO*

*Please note that Mr. Brun and Mr. Salerno have joined us after the general assembly held on 23/09/2021.


Practical Information 

The LFI Tokyo VOCABULARY in English, French and Japanese.

Tons of information about the  Takinogawa area (French only).

And of course plenty information about Tokyo, Events, what to do etc.  VIVRE A TOKYO.COM (French).

Looking to place a classified ad, sell or buy stuff, looking for good tips, maybe find a babysitter or a tutor? :  Tokyo Petites Annonces is now on Facebook

Other practical groups on WhatsApp
Please contact the association as new members can only be added by request of current members, or request to Admin of the groups.
  • “Tokyo au quotidien” to help you in your day to day life in Tokyo (find a doctor,  a babysitter, a tutor, a place where you can buy something…)
  • “A vendre/TROC” – To sell, exchange or give for free
  • “Tokyo covid” for Covid related questions (vaccination, travel conditions, PCR tests…), administered by the Conseillers des Français de l’étranger 
FLT joined the Fapée global parents association network 

Fédération des Associations de Parents d’élèves des Etablissements d’enseignement français de l’Etranger

Abroad French schools Parents Association Federation

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