Summary of the LFI Tokyo Board Meeting held on 2022-02-16

Link to the full report in French (8 pages). 

Attended: director of the AEFE, administration, embassy, 1 staff representative, 2 parents’ representatives, 3/4 French advisors abroad.


Recruitment 2022. Following legislative changes, it is no longer possible to recruit resident staff by deferred recruitment: vacant resident positions can now only be filled by employing staff residing in the country or staff considered to be accompanying a spouse. This is a problem for the functioning of the AEFE, but for the school year beginning in September 2022 it should not affect the LFIT negatively, as its pool of personnel is large. 

Update on  the building work: The work on the second site, the annex, is progressing at a steady pace, in accordance with the planned schedule, and the annex will open for the start of the new school year in September, in spite of the hazards and imponderables that have generated additional work and costs. Following our request, an update on the costs will be presented at the next Board of Directors meeting and the final report will be presented in October 2022. We remain vigilant and are in regular contact with the administration on this subject.

 Adjustment of work contracts: the local contracts of the teaching staff are being rewritten, as well as the internal regulations related to the contracts. The school is assisted by a law firm specializing in labor law. The contracts and modifications will be presented to the Board of Directors at the end of the year. This work is one of the consequences of a dispute with two staff members of the school who refuse to sign the current amendments to the contract, and continue to claim overtime from the school, which the school refuses.

Catering: the functioning of the service is still not considered satisfactory despite the support put in place by the school for several years (audit, training, multiple reorganizations). Recently, to overcome the difficulties encountered by the team, an interim chef was hired until the end of the school year. Please send us your comments on the school catering service, its possible deterioration/improvement recently, your objective and/or subjective appreciation of the service provided: The subject will be discussed again at the next Board meeting.


Staffing reduction: for 2022-2023, 2 teaching positions, one in kindergarten, another for the CM1 level, as well as an ASEM position, are likely to be eliminated, in view of the current number of pupils and the forecasts for the next school year.


2022-2023 budget: The projected deficit for the year 2021-2022 is about 90 million yen, the projected deficit for 2022-2023 is 175 million yen. This is the result of two trends: 


Proposed 2% tuition increase: We abstained (2 abstentions, 8 votes for). While the economic factors behind these increases are understandable, their recurrence is less so. Indeed, families have had to bear numerous increases in school fees: +30% over 20 years, +15% over 10 years and an increase of 100,000 yen in the first-time registration fee (FFR) in 2019. In addition, the Finance Director (DAF) indicated that tuition fees will continue to increase steadily to keep up with the annual payroll increase, approximately 1% per year. Indeed, according to the salary grids in effect at LFIT, salaries automatically increase each year. As a way of mitigating this trend, we have proposed that hiring teachers with the least possible amount of seniority be given priority for equivalent skills.

Summary of the School Council held on 2021-11-22

Link to the full report in French (13 pages). 

One page summary of the School Council :

In attendance: school administration, 5 primary / secondary school teacher representatives, 1 staff representative, 4 parent representatives, 3 elected councilors for French people living abroad, and 3 student representatives.


2021-22 enrollment: there are currently 1,443 students at LFI Tokyo.


Answers  to questions from parents





Inclusive education / Students with special educational needs: the FLT parent association has created a working group to understand what is being done at the school and beyond to accompany families on these topics. If interested, please contact the group at 


Summary of the Primary School Council held on 2022-02-02

Link to the detailed minutes in French (5 pages). 


One-page summary

Attended by the primary school principal, 8 parent representatives, 9 teacher representatives and 2 guest teachers.

Enrollment is down slightly and below projections. A discussion will take place at the Board of Directors meeting to discuss the possibility of  closing one of the 9 kindergarten classes and one CM1 class for the 2022/23 school year, depending on new enrollments.

Teachers and parents gave positive feedback on the 10 days of distance learning. 

There has been some discussions regarding the date of the beginning of the school year (September 2 or September 5), the choice of public holidays during which school will open or not, and the dates of the Christmas break. The provisional calendar will be voted on by the school council on February 8, before being validated by the Embassy and the AEFE.


Main answers to parents’ questions


Health situation

Presentation of the FLT “inclusive school” group

At the beginning of the 2021 school year, the FLTs created a  committee of 6 parents to provide suggestions on inclusive schooling and offer better support for students with special educational needs (EBEP).

This includes all students who benefit from special support, as formalized by :

Objectives of the group

First actions of the group


If you are interested in any of these projects or would like to contribute to any of the resources, please contact us at

Many acronyms…

AESH : Learning Support Assistant for students with disabilities 

CPE: Educational Head Supervisor

EBEP: child with special educational needs

EIP: intellectually precocious child

MDPH: departmental house for disabled people 

PAI: individualized provision plan

PAP: personalized support plan

PPRE: a personalized program for educational success

PPS: Individual Education Plan 

ADD/ADHD: attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity 

ASD: autism spectrum disorder


Summary of the Primary School Council held on 2021-11-17

Summary of the Primary School Council held on 2021-11-17


Link to the detailed minutes in French (10 pages). 


Summary in 1 page 

Attended by the primary school director, the national education inspector, 8 parent representatives, 8 teacher representatives and 2 guest teachers.

Educational projects: 


Main answers to parents’ questions




FLT-Fapee : LFI Tokyo Families Association