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Prizes for 2024 raffle

Dear parents, The LFI Tokyo school festival, planned on May 25th 2024, is the most festive event of the year, and it is coming very soon. We, parent association FLT, have been working hard for the past 2 months, to gather sponsor companies ready to offer prizes for the raffle. This year, CLUB MED might be our […]

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Call for Questions Board of Directors

Dear members, On Monday, March 18, the second Board of Directors meeting (CA) of the current school year will be held, focusing on the budget for the 2024-2025 academic year following the establishment of tuition fees voted on during the 1st CA on November 16, 2023. The Board of Directors is the body that manages […]

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Summary of the Primary School Council of January 23rd, 2024

Adoption of the minutes of the Primary School Council meeting on 10/13/2023. Enrollment : increase in the number of primary students from 817 to 827 (+10 students). Language programs : PARLE Japanese -2 students (12%). PARLE English +11 (27%), SI Japanese +2 (8%), SI American -4 (20%). National assessments : CP PARLE students scored above […]

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FLT Partners’ offers

FLT partners’ offers Take advantage of preferential rates on presentation of your FLT card (membership of the association Familles du Lycée de Tokyo) from the following FLT partners. When registering for these activities, presentation of your FLT membership card valid for the current school year is required. Please note that preferential rates do not apply […]

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Workshop Faber and Mazlish – Siblings without rivalry

Faber and Mazlish winter parenting workshops in partnership with the FLT. Workshops in small groups of parents ´ Siblings without rivalry’. Learn to recognize and understand the reasons behind rivalry, the negative sides of comparison, how to give to each child according to their needs, how to intervene positively during fights and encourage children to […]

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Summary of the Primary School Council of October 12th, 2023

Summary of the Primary School Council of October 12th, 2023   Total enrollment in kindergarten and elementary : 817 students at the beginning of the school year, with a majority being Franco-Japanese (65%). 5 language pathways offered : Standard (33% of students), Parle English (26%), Parle Japanese (12%), SIA (21%), SIJ (8%). SIA : Despite […]

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First school vacations at the end of this week!

Dear parents,   As the first 7 weeks of school come to an end and the mid-term vacations approach, it’s time for us to take stock.   This autumn, the association has welcomed families and newcomers, bolstered by the enthusiasm of many volunteers eager to join the FLT team. Speaking of newcomers, our sponsorship offer, […]

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Results for Board Council and School Council parent representatives’ elections

Dear Parents, The FLT-Fapée team would like to express a heartfelt thank you for your participation to the 2023-2024 Board Council and School Council parent representatives’ elections. This year, the participation rate was of 31.6% for the School Council and 30.3% for the Elementary School Council. Your 2023-24 representatives for the Board Council (Conseil d’Etablissement) […]

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Reminder: General Meeting of Tokyo International School Families Saturday, September 23, 2023

Hello everyone! On Saturday, September 23, 2023, from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM, our General Assembly will take place. This is a significant and important moment in the life of an association. The FLT-Fapée 2023 General Assembly will be an opportunity for us to present our moral and financial report and to elect the association’s […]

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Report on LDE operation

Dear Parents,   The last parcels were delivered at the end of the week, so it’s time to take stock of this operation: ‘Grouped Order of School Supplies and Manuals from France with Free Shipping.’   While it was anticipated that the parcels would arrive at the high school the day before the start of […]

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Workshop Faber and Mazlish – new cycle fall 2023

Faber and Mazlish autumn parenting workshops in partnership with the FLT. Workshops in small groups of parents ‘ How to talk so children will listen, how to listen so children will talk’. The workshops are organised in small groups of parents and each one is structured around a common issue encountered by parents in daily life […]

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Workshop Verbal Aikido

This year, in partnership with the FLT, Marie-Solange Vottero, founder of Hello-Change 🌈 proposes a new workshop “Verbal Aikido” specifically for teenagers. Is your teenager withdrawing or throwing tantrums ? Is dialogue complicated? Does he have trouble socializing? Is he witnessing or being bullied ? Or feeling pressure to perform at school ? Kindle Media […]

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Ordering School Supplies and Books

Hello,   As indicated in our previous communications and following the results of the survey carried out concerning school supplies and books, we have asked to create a site for the group purchase of supplies and books for LFI Tokyo families. See the full list As a reminder, the textbooks provided by the […]

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FLT sponsorship program – 2023 edition

Dear members, At the beginning of the 2022 school year, we decide to set up a sponsorship program between families at the Lycée. Nearly 30 families were sponsored. We want to renew this program for the beginning of the 2023 school year. The principle is to put in contact families already at the Lycée with […]

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Questions for Elementary School Council and Junior and High School Council on June 15th, 2023

In preparation for the next Conseil d’Ecole (Elementary School Council) and Conseil du Second Degré (CSD) (Junior and Senior High School Council) on 15 June, we have listed a few questions. Feel free to add your own via the form (questions in French, English or Japanese)

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Links to continuous feedback forms 

Parents’ feedback on the canteen service at LFI Tokyo 
Canteen service feedback form

Inclusive school at LFI Tokyo

FLT created a group focused on inclusive schooling presented HERE.

Among other actions, we created a list of professionals who can be consulted by children with special needs (in French, including mentions about languages spoken by each professional).

We also created a group for parents of these children that you can join sending an email to our group.

Should you have any topic you would like to raise during the next Conseil d’école (LFI Tokyo Primary School Council), Conseil du second degré (Junior and Senior High School Council), or School Council (CE), please fill this form.
LFI Tokyo Primary School Council (Ce):
The Primary School Council prepares recommendations for the LFIT School Council with regards to educational matters and school life at the Primary School.
Junior and Senior High School Council (CSD):
The Junior and Senior School Council prepares recommendations for the LFIT School Council with regards to educational matters and school life at High School.
LFIT School Council (CE):
This body oversees the Primary and Secondary School. It reviews the topics discussed during the Primary School and Junior/Senior High School Councils. It can make decisions regarding educational and organizational matters within the framework defined by AEFE. It cannot replace AEFE or the Board Meeting for their specific scopes of decision.
Ce – CSD – CE – CA feedback form

FLT-Fapée : Parent association of French International School of Tokyo (LFI Tokyo) 

President : Célia Hughes

Vice-president for Primary School: Virginie Cammas

Vice-president for Junior-Hi and High School: Caroline Despres

Secretary: Pierre Riche

Treasurer : Laurent Wolff

As well as : Emeline Beauchart, Maxence Barbier, Agathe Chambalu,  Rodolphe Diot, Jean-Bernard Dumerc (Oles administrator), Evelyne Etchebehere, Séverin Ferrand, Philippe Fritsch, Fabien Gay, Jérémie Lamboley, Stéphanie Moreels, Madoka Poncin,  Simon Serverin, Pierre-François Vilquin.

Special advisors : François Roussel.

It is possible to join the FLT board members anytime during the school year, as specified in the association’s articles, usually following an adaptation period working with the existing team. New joiners’ information will be timely published on the FLT website.

You can contribute to the association and its work without joining its board: volunteers may participate to the extent of their availability and engagement preference anytime during the school year.

From left to right:

Célia HUGHES, André SALERNO, Virginie CAMMAS, Pierre RICHE, Caroline DESPRES,

Jean-Bernard DUMERC, Emeline BEAUCHART, Pierre-François VILQUIN, Stéphanie MOREELS, Laurent WOLFF,

Frédéric SEGOUIN, Evelyne ETCHEBEHERE, Maxence BARBIER, Madoka PONCIN, Séverin FERRAND,

Jérémie LAMBOLEY, Agathe CHAMBALU, Philippe FRITSCH, Rodolphe DIOT, Fabien GAY.

WhatsApp Group (New!)

Stay in touch with the FLT community and its volunteer team through the new WhatsApp group. Click here to join now.

Our partners (New partners!)

(offering discounts to FLT members for activities)

Your feedback on the canteen (renewed!)


Several groups have been formed within the board of the FLT association. They can be reached directly by e-mail by adding to the following aliases:

  • ecole-inclusive for the inclusive school group presented HERE
  • living together works on harassment prevention, conflicts management (Page under construction, French version, in the meantime, contact us if you wish to know more)
  • ecoteam  for the FLT ecoteam presented HERE
  • restauration, see HERE
  • partenariat for the FLT Partnership presented HERE
  • lycee-cafe  for the organisation of the Q&A cafés that you can see in our calendar
  • gt-langues for the team working specifically on languages, divided in 4 subgroups
    • gt-fr about French
    • gt-eng about English
    • gt-jap about Japanese
    • gt-rls about the restructuration to come at secondary school (mainly for Junior high school).

Feel free to contact us or suggest other groups!

Practical Information 

New: the association now has several partners who offer preferential rates to members, check the list HERE.

The LFI Tokyo VOCABULARY in English, French and Japanese.

Tons of information about the  Takinogawa area (French only).

And of course plenty information about Tokyo, Events, what to do etc.  VIVRE A TOKYO.COM (French).

Looking to place a classified ad, sell or buy stuff, looking for good tips, maybe find a babysitter or a tutor? :  Tokyo Petites Annonces is now on Facebook

Other practical groups on WhatsApp
Please contact the association as new members can only be added by request of current members, or request to Admin of the groups.
  • “Tokyo au quotidien” to help you in your day to day life in Tokyo (find a doctor,  a babysitter, a tutor, a place where you can buy something…)
  • “A vendre/TROC” – To sell, exchange or give for free
  • “Tokyo covid” for Covid related questions (vaccination, travel conditions, PCR tests…), administered by the Conseillers des Français de l’étranger 
FLT joined the Fapée global parents association network 

Fédération des Associations de Parents d’élèves des Etablissements d’enseignement français de l’Etranger

Abroad French schools Parents Association Federation

FLT partner offer 

Take advantage of preferential rates on presentation of your FLT card (membership of the association Familles du Lycée de Tokyo) from the following FLT partners.

Partenaire Service Location Preferential Offer
King’s Road English School English courses and camps, TOEIC and Cambridge exam preparation. Free trial course.

Itabashi, Akasaka or online 10% discount on list prices
Atelier Café Gare de Lyon Theater and improvisation classes (children, teens and adults)

Hatagaya Tenth class free, 500 yen discount on camps
Acting Coach Japan Ateliers Jeu de l’Acteur de Cinéma pour Enfants et Adolescents – en français et en anglais

Edogawabashi or Ikebukuro 10% discount on list prices
Les Oiseaux Musical awakening, piano and singing classes for children and adults

Ochanomizu or at home 10% discount on list prices
Tokyo Guitare Guitar lessons

At home 2000 yen discount on the first month
Football Club Nomade Year-round soccer training, camps with accommodation, tournaments in junior league (U-15 and U-18).

Yoyogi, Omotesando or Onarimon (Camps in Shimoda) 10% discount on first registration
Atelier Faber et Mazlish Tokyo Parental exchange and support workshops based on Faber et Mazlish methodology

Itabashi Kuyakusho Mae Free workbook (2000 yen value)
Hello Change Verbal aïkido workshops to learn how to regulate stress and emotionality as well as practice defusing aggression and conflict. Open to middle-school students. Free trial.

Online 500 yen discount per session


When registering for these activities, presentation of your FLT membership card valid for the current school year is required.
Please note that preferential rates do not apply retroactively.

To suggest other partners, please contact us HERE.

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