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Questions for Elementary School Council and Junior and High School Council on June 15th, 2023

In preparation for the next Conseil d’Ecole (Elementary School Council) and Conseil du Second Degré (CSD) (Junior and Senior High School Council) on 15 June, we have listed a few questions. Feel free to add your own via the form (questions in French, English or Japanese)

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Prepping for the school fair

Dear members,   As you know, this year we are organizing the traditional school fair on May 27th!   The party is co-organized by the school, the teachers, the extra-curricular activities teams, primary school students with their teachers and secondary school students via the clubs and of course the parents!   As part of this […]

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Summary of the Junior High and High School Council held February 14th 2023

The administration presented the 2023-24 school calendar, as well as the exam calendar for next year. Some travel plans for this year have yet to be finalized (Hiroshima/Oshima).   The allocation of junior high and high school classes for 2023-2024 was presented. There will be 4 classes instead of the current 3 for the 1ere […]

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Discover the canteen of the LFI Tokyo

Dear FLT Members, Discover the canteen of the LFI Tokyo You are warmly invited to come and discover the canteen of your children and have lunch during the week of December 7th to December 11th 2020. The visit co-organized by the FLT-FAPEE and the LFI Tokyo is scheduled from 10:30 to 12:45: meeting with Mr […]

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FLT survey June 2020

Dear parents, New school councils are convened at the beginning of next week to decide on the possible relaxation of the on-site lesson protocol for the last week of school. We prepared a short survey which also includes an evaluation component of the on-site lesson protocol and for families in primary school a short survey on […]

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Results: Back to school protocol FLT survey May 25-26 2020 (in person vs. remote learning)

    間もなく日本語版を送ります。もう少々お待ちください。 26/05/2020 CPD = Continuité Pédagogique à Distance (Remote learning) Number of responses 165 families responded to this survey sent to the FLT members and spread on Social Media including the “Parents LFIT” Facebook group. This represents 43 Maternelle pupils, 113 in Elementary school and 93 in Junior-Hi, 30 High School students. This […]

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Vegetable garden challenge

The FLT Eco-Team, a group of parents committed to promote ecology in the LFI Tokyo community, is organising a vegetable garden challenge for families in the last quarter of the school year. Get out your old pots, cups, pans or plastic buckets, order seeds online or buy them at your 100¥ shop and turn your […]

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Participate to the Literacy Night !

The French Institute invites you to its Third Literacy Night . Come and join us ! The institute is looking for families with children, to join as readers, introduce their favorite author or to share their own texts, in the language of their choice. We welcome prose, poetry, theater, letters, speeches or music, come to […]

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2016-09-14 INFO-FLT : FLT General Meeting & scholarship application

[:fr]       Convocation à l’assemblée générale des FLT [:ja]2016-09-14 INFO-FLT : FLT総会と奨学金の申請[:en][:] Nous vous attendons nombreux lors de notre prochaine assemblée générale qui aura lieu le jeudi 22 septembre 2016 de 8h30 à 9h30 dans l’auditorium du LFI Tokyo. Ce jour est férié au Japon, mais tous les élèves du LFI Tokyo auront […]

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