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FLT survey June 2020

Dear parents, New school councils are convened at the beginning of next week to decide on the possible relaxation of the on-site lesson protocol for the last week of school. We prepared a short survey which also includes an evaluation component of the on-site lesson protocol and for families in primary school a short survey on […]

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Info-FLT: Tokyo 3rd reopening stage and request for full re-opening of LFI Tokyo

間もなく日本語版を送ります。もう少々お待ちください。 Dear Parents, Following Ms. Koike’s, the Governor of Tokyo, declarations, we wish to inform you that as of yesterday, we made a request to the LFI Tokyo’s administration to study the conditions for implementing a full reopening of the school, as quickly as possible and for the remaining of this academic year, The LFI […]

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Summary of FLT’s actions since the beginning of “School from Home” – continued

Dear members, During this period of school lock-down, the Parents Association FLT has been supporting the community by providing a venue for parent’s feed-back. Our last message was highly commented , with expression of both support and criticism. We would like to clarify some points in order to ensure a healthy and productive communication between […]

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Results: Back to school protocol FLT survey May 25-26 2020 (in person vs. remote learning)

    2020/05/26 CPD = Continuité Pédagogique à Distance (Remote learning) Number of responses 165 families responded to this survey sent to the FLT members and spread on Social Media including the “Parents LFIT” Facebook group. This represents 43 Maternelle pupils, 113 in Elementary school and 93 in Junior-Hi, 30 High School students. This represents […]

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Financial support for families facing difficulties due to the Covid-19 Crisis

Dear Members Please find below important information and updates received from the LFIT. 1- Scholarships: First commission for Consular Scholarship for the upcoming school year (2020-2021) AND the third trimester of the current school year (2019-2020): Deadline to turn in all documents is MAY 21st. All requests are now being reevaluated, taking the new situation […]

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Open letter to AEFE & Teleconference

Dear FLT members, dear parents,   Since the beginning of this health crisis, we have been listening to you while being as well in continuous communication with the Lycee. We are very attentive to the implementation of pedagogical continuity and we deeply appreciate the dedication of the teaching community. Nevertheless, aware of the difficulties encountered […]

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Info FLT: FLT actions summary update for the 2nd week of school closure

間もなく日本語版を送ります。もう少々お待ちください。 Dear FLT members, dear parents,   Please find below a short update on the actions we have taken since the start of this health crisis. As members of the school community, we believe it is necessary to be as transparent as possible and to encourage communication and mutual help between parents. Since the start […]

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FLT’s action during LFI Tokyo closure

Dear members, During the school closure, FLT continues to listen to you and is in close contact with the LFIT management team. Two Skype meetings were held on March 3rd and March 10th. Please find the summary of our discussions below. We invite you to share your comments and to contribute to the discussion using […]

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FLT-Fapee : LFI Tokyo Families Association