Open letter to AEFE & Teleconference

Dear FLT members, dear parents,


Since the beginning of this health crisis, we have been listening to you while being as well in continuous communication with the Lycee. We are very attentive to the implementation of pedagogical continuity and we deeply appreciate the dedication of the teaching community.

Nevertheless, aware of the difficulties encountered by many families, we feel that an adjustment of the school fees is an issue that should deserve our attention. In our view, it is essential to reassure right away all families that they shall be able to continue to school their children regardless of their new financial situation. But a solution cannot be crafted only at the local level; case by case solutions are not satisfactory and a massive tuition fees reduction would certainly bankrupt our school.

A collective solution is necessary. Thus, the association has taken many steps into that direction (e.g.: a letter to the MP for the French in the Asia-Pacific zone, letters to senators for French living abroad) like many other parent associations from Asia and the world. The goal is to obtain direct help from the AEFE or from its supervisory bodies, because as of now the Lycée did not receive any specific aid to weather this crisis. Similarly, Fapée, the federation of parents’ associations of the AEFE network, made such a request to the ministers concerned. Below is the link to an Open Letter that Fapée sent to Olivier Brochet, director of the AEFE, following up on a letter sent to various ministers last week.

The letter is in French but its translation is available here.

To support this initiative, we invite you to sign this letter and disseminate the link if you wish.

We want to listen to your views. We are inviting you this week to an online meeting, we propose two time slots, one for parents with primary school students and one for secondary school students, Saturday morning (11 April). Please fill in this form if you wish to join the meeting.

Best regards,

René Carraz, FLT President 


FLT-Fapee : LFI Tokyo Families Association