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New teacher contracts

Dear members,   In our Minutes of the Board meeting of October 14, 2021, we brought to your attention the need for the school to make modifications to the local […]

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Summary of the LFI Tokyo Board Meeting held on 2022-02-16

Link to the full report in French (8 pages). Attended: director of the AEFE, administration, embassy, 1 staff representative, 2 parents’ representatives, 3/4 French advisors abroad. Recruitment 2022. […]

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Summary of FLT’s actions since the beginning of “School from Home” – continued

Dear members, During this period of school lock-down, the Parents Association FLT has been supporting the community by providing a venue for parent’s feed-back. Our last message was highly commented […]

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About the School Board Meeting

Dear FLT Members, Your representative parents were present at the School Board Meeting on February 18. Please find hereafter our summary of this meeting. The summary of the previous […]

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FLT-Fapee : LFI Tokyo Families Association