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Call for Questions Board of Directors

Dear members, On Monday, March 18, the second Board of Directors meeting (CA) of the current school year will be held, focusing on the budget for the 2024-2025 academic year following the establishment of tuition fees voted on during the 1st CA on November 16, 2023. The Board of Directors is the body that manages […]

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NO to a 10% increase in tuition fees for 2023-2024!

Background During the Assemblée des Conseillers (pre-board of directors meeting) on Wednesday, March 16, the LFIT administration presented a budget for 2023-2024 that requires a 10% increase in tuition fees to cover a structural deficit. Part of this deficit can be explained by decisions made by the administration and validated by the Conseil d’Administration (board), […]

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New teacher contracts

Dear members,   In our Minutes of the Board meeting of October 14, 2021, we brought to your attention the need for the school to make modifications to the local contracts of teaching staff employed on this basis, as there have been disputes regarding working hours, overtime payments, and time slots (more details in the […]

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Summary of the LFI Tokyo Board Meeting held on 2022-02-16

Link to the full report in French (8 pages). Attended: director of the AEFE, administration, embassy, 1 staff representative, 2 parents’ representatives, 3/4 French advisors abroad. Recruitment 2022. Following legislative changes, it is no longer possible to recruit resident staff by deferred recruitment: vacant resident positions can now only be filled by employing […]

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Info FLT: MoM LFI Tokyo Board Meeting held on October 14th, 2021

Full MoM in French Representatives for FLT: MM René Carraz & Pierre-Francois Vilquin   Smmmary Enrolment at the start of the school year 1427 pupils (out of 1475 budgeted), 20 families are still waiting for visas (39 pupils), 21 families have canceled (33 pupils). The impact on the budget is minimal and will be […]

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Summary of FLT’s actions since the beginning of “School from Home” – continued

Dear members, During this period of school lock-down, the Parents Association FLT has been supporting the community by providing a venue for parent’s feed-back. Our last message was highly commented , with expression of both support and criticism. We would like to clarify some points in order to ensure a healthy and productive communication between […]

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LFI Tokyo Board Meeting Oct 11th 2019 Summary

Attendees:   Olivier Brochet, AEFE Director (by videoconference) Gilles Almonsnino CDAEFE Asia Pacific region delegate. René Carraz & Pierre-Francois Vilquin for FLT. & Co.   Summary:   The CA was held in a good atmosphere, the new LFIT management team has now settled in its role. Typhoon No.19 prevented Mr Brochet, Director of AEFE, to […]

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New scholarship fee increase tabled at the 2nd board meeting 2018-2019 (French only)

Chers Parents,   Ce soir, Mardi 26 Mars 2o19, se tiendra le deuxième Conseil d’administration du LFI Tokyo pour l’année 2018-2019. C’est un moment essentiel pour la vie de notre établissement car les administrateurs, dont deux représentants des parents, y voteront le budget financier et des augmentations des frais de scolarités pour les 3 années […]

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LFITokyo School board meeting Feedback (18/10/2018)

On October 2018 18th, first Board meeting of the school year 2018-19 was held. Your voting representatives were P.F. Vilquin, N. Di Costanzo – and R. Carraz attended as an observer. Amendment of the Financial Regulation After unanimously adopting the minutes of the previous Board meeting, the board discussed at length the proposals made by […]

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LFI Tokyo – Board Meeting (CA) – meeting notes

Dear FLT Members,   On 2018 May 31st, the Board Meeting (CA) was held. Attendees : FLT representatives, Nicolas di Costanzo, Pierre-François Vilquin Special attendee : Mr. Bouchard, AEFE’s director Please note that a new CCIFJ’s representative has been appointed : Mr. Armal in lieu of Mr. Delmas.   1. Number of students. 2018-2019: +10% […]

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About the School Board Meeting

Dear FLT Members, Your representative parents were present at the School Board Meeting on February 18. Please find hereafter our summary of this meeting. The summary of the previous meeting is attached. Parents’ representatives (FLT) : Nicolas Di Costanzo, Pierre-François Vilquin, Guillaume Fernet. This summary comes in addition to the official meeting minutes […]

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