LFI Tokyo – Board Meeting (CA) – meeting notes

Dear FLT Members,


On 2018 May 31st, the Board Meeting (CA) was held.

Attendees :

FLT representatives, Nicolas di Costanzo, Pierre-François Vilquin

Special attendee : Mr. Bouchard, AEFE’s director

Please note that a new CCIFJ’s representative has been appointed : Mr. Armal in lieu of Mr. Delmas.


1. Number of students.

2018-2019: +10% increase expected.

This increase will prove problematic in term of space to accommodate this number of students. A special request has been made to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to suit the increasing number of students, so the school can fit 1390 students vs 1170 after moving to its new location in 2012.

2018 will see an increase of +281 students (+134 compared to this year’s figures.)


The 2021 Post Olympic Games conservative estimate : the school administration foresights 1648 students applications for this period- way above the actual school capacity of 1250 students. They estimate that they could fit up to 1,500 students, resulting in less favorable  conditions for the students.


Regarding the LFIT Tokyo’s student acceptance process : no established criteria, only that priority is given to French Nationals over admission. 3 French nationals are still on waiting list for 2018-2019 school year, but they shall have a spot in September. 10 more non French nationals (Japanese and other nationalities) are still on waiting list.

This waiting list concerns the Elementary school.

Usually, a few more applicants will ask to enroll over the course of the summer break.


2. Resignation of the Staff representatives and Foundation’s director.


During the CA, a group a 15 teachers read a letter listing their complaints. It has been signed by 115 employees out of 140 people currently working  at the LFIT Tokyo.

The group of teachers left the CA after submitting their letter.


Mr. Coillot, in charge of the mediation in this conflict, explained the situation to the rest of the CA’s representatives. He introduced a calendar that will hopefully allow a dialogue between the two parties.

The CA then resumed.


3. New building project (rental of a now empty Japanese elementary school)


We deplored the failure of this extension project, but even more the absence of a “plan B” that would have allowed more options regarding the problematic data of where to put the increasing number of students? Negative consequences we listed are as follow : a rush to reorganize the space within the school, the lack of development of the language program (Japanese and English) etc.


4. Financial accounts.


The budget is in balance (Note : advantageous exchange rate, new sponsoring ).

A few savings were made :-12% on spendings, approximately 40M yen. (New contract with electricity and gas companies)

The parents representative want to congratulate the administration for the effort made.


5. Income generated by the School Festival.


Please note that it was usually the role of the FSE’s president who was responsible for allocating the school festival funds. He resigned of his role along with the other representatives.


This income will now appear under the category “Bunkasai” that allows the Japanese schools to collect legally any income made during their school events.


Sincerely yours,


FLT-Fapée Team

FLT-Fapee : LFI Tokyo Families Association