About the School Board Meeting

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Dear FLT Members,


Your representative parents were present at the School Board Meeting on February 18.

Please find hereafter our summary of this meeting. The summary of  the previous meeting is attached.


Parents’ representatives (FLT) : Nicolas Di Costanzo, Pierre-François Vilquin, Guillaume Fernet.


This summary comes in addition to the official meeting minutes of the 8 February 2018 School Board meeting, available on the LFI Tokyo website. It aims at providing additional information and explanations of your representatives’ positions at the meeting.



A few months from the September deadline, and after more than one year of research, the FLT regret there is not a more solid project in place.


* According to our estimates, it seems that the number of students required to finance the 3rd floor it larger than the floor capacity… We are still waiting for an answer to this question.

Sincerely yours,

FLT-Fapée Team


FLT-Fapee : LFI Tokyo Families Association