Info FLT: FLT actions summary update for the 2nd week of school closure

Dear FLT members, dear parents,


Please find below a short update on the actions we have taken since the start of this health crisis. As members of the  school community, we believe it is necessary to be as transparent as possible and to encourage communication and mutual help between parents.

Since the start of the crisis, we have had numerous written and phone exchanges with the school management during which we  shared the feedback we received from families and followed up on the responses proposed by the Lycée. We have notably stressed  the need to take into account the families financial difficulties and we are relieved that the services not rendered won’t be invoiced (school lunch, extracurricular activities and transportation services). We also remain very attentive to the situation of families with dire financial difficulties.  Our main objective remains that all families who wish to send their children to LFI Tokyo should be able to do so, regardless of their income.

We have also contacted you to try to find solutions for families who have difficulties to take care of their children at home.   A questionnaire for pooling babysitter services during the Lycée’s closure has been shared, before the beginning of each week. Our warm thanks to those of you who offered daycare service. In addition, yesterday we invited you to complete a short survey, collecting  your feedback thus far with this education continuity, the aim being to provide additional information to LFI Tokyo’s management team and help them to continuously adjust the plans for the next days or weeks of school at home. This survey is inspired by a model circulating in other schools members of the AEFE network. We  already received numerous answers and endeavour to provide you with a summary this coming week.

Having received communications relating  difficulties from families, we highlighted in our last written exchange with the LFI Tokyo management team, the distress of several families who are facing a great ordeal of coping with  homeschooling. 

Most of these returns so far came from families with children in elementary school, with both parents working  or whose home-staying parent is not or not sufficiently literate inFrench. These testimonies highlight the heavy time investment required from parents, at least for primary school children. Some parents are particularly concerned that a gap will arise  between children who benefit from a more favorable digital and familial support and those who do not. This has led some families to wonder whether a complete shutdown of the school might be less detrimental to their children. 

Among the possible measures that we have considered, it seems that a daycare organized at school may provide a palliative solution, not unlike what is done in Japanese primary schools.  Daycare could be offered to families in dire need of support. This of course does not mean reopening the school during the closure but is all about offering a realistic solution to a few families Aware that these issues can only be resolved in conjunction with the French embassy, ​​we have just contacted Mr. Colliot, Cultural Advisor, Director of the French Institute in Japan.

 We usually do our best to communicate in the 3 main languages represented at  the Lycée (French, Japanese, English), but we must admit that we have difficulties doing it quickly at this time, do not hesitate to contact us if you think you can help us with translations. More generally, we want to keep you informed of our efforts, and we will continue to do so in the coming weeks. We remain at your service.

Please do not hesitate to forward our communications to LFI Tokyo parents that do not receive them or didn’t manage to join the parent’s association, they can also contact us directly via this link

Best regards,

René Carraz, FLT President

FLT-Fapee : LFI Tokyo Families Association