First school vacations at the end of this week!

Dear parents,


As the first 7 weeks of school come to an end and the mid-term vacations approach, it’s time for us to take stock.


This autumn, the association has welcomed families and newcomers, bolstered by the enthusiasm of many volunteers eager to join the FLT team. Speaking of newcomers, our sponsorship offer, managed with dedication by Virginie Cammas, has once again enabled us to help more than 15 families get off to a smooth start in Japan. Many thanks to our sponsors for their invaluable help in making this operation a success.


New energy was sorely needed to complete the distribution of school supplies. This operation enabled many families to buy and deliver school supplies and textbooks from France, a first for us and for you.

The operation turned out to be much more arduous than expected, but in the end it was a success thanks to everyone’s patience, the help of the LFI Tokyo administration and, above all, the good will and energy of all the parent volunteers who helped us.


It’s time to take stock of this operation, and we’ll soon be asking for your feedback via a questionnaire you’ll be receiving, which will enable us to improve the service for next year.


During this first period, although busy managing supply orders, the FLTs did not fail to organize the traditional Lycée-cafés. 


Two Lycée Cafés have already been held since the start of the school year, on September 19 for the International Lycée Café and on October 10 for the Lycée Café dedicated to our large Japanese community.

70 parents were present at each event, and we were able to answer a wide range of questions about French language levels, language courses, post-bac orientation, how the French lycée works…


In collaboration with LFI Tokyo, the FLT inclusive school team also helped organize the inclusive school café on September 30, an opportunity to welcome parents concerned by the subject, answer their questions, share experiences and provide families with the best possible support.

This first period of the year is also the time to organize one of the major events of each association, the Annual General Meeting. This was held on September 23 at the LFI Tokyo auditorium. It was an opportunity for us to present the results of our many actions on behalf of the community we help and represent: all of you! We also presented our plans for the coming year.


Some twenty families were present, both new and old. The ensuing vote took place online, enabling the 127 paid-up members to approve our moral and financial report and the composition of the new board (53% turnout).

Célia Hughes takes over the presidency of the association following Jessica’s departure, accompanied by Virginie Cammas, vice-president for the primary school, and André Salerno, vice-president for the secondary school. Séverin Ferrand remains on the board, but hands over his position as secretary to Pierre Riche, deputized by Fabien Gay, and Laurent Wolff retains his role as FLT treasurer. From now on, Pierre-François Vilquin and Pierre Riche will sit on the Board of Directors. Maxence Barbier remains in charge of communications on social networks. Ms Madoka Poncin will continue in the office, with particular responsibility for Japanese language teaching. Ms. Emeline Beauchart takes over from Ms. Colombe Bally on the catering committee, as well as within the FLT Eco-team (follow the FLT Eco-team Facebook page to make sure you don’t miss out on any news: ). 

Mrs. Stéphanie Moreels is in charge of the French language level, but is also involved in secondary and inclusive school issues.

A small number of newcomers have joined the board this year, for which we would like to thank them: Mrs Agathe Chambalu, Mrs Caroline Despres, Mrs Evelyne Etchebehre, Mr Rodolphe Diot, Mr Philippe Fritsch, Mr Fabien Gay and Mr Jérémie Lamboley.

In addition to representing you on official LFI Tokyo bodies, we have set up several working groups based on requests we have received from parents. These groups have dedicated email addresses to receive your complaints and suggestions. The list of these addresses appears in our Directory on the homepage of our website.


A quick reminder to put us back in the context of parent-teacher associations: we’re all parent volunteers with a variety of backgrounds giving our time to the educational community! Supporting us and suggesting your ideas are essential if our time and energy are to serve the community of parents that we all form together.

From left to right :

Célia HUGHES, André SALERNO, Virginie CAMMAS, Pierre RICHE, Caroline DESPRES,

Jean-Bernard DUMERC, Emeline BEAUCHART, Pierre-François VILQUIN, Stéphanie MOREELS, Laurent WOLFF, 

Frédéric SEGOUIN, Evelyne ETCHEBEHERE, Maxence BARBIER, Madoka PONCIN, Séverin FERRAND,

Jérémie LAMBOLEY, Agathe CHAMBALU, Philippe FRITSCH, Rodolphe DIOT, Fabien GAY.

Alongside us, other parents are committed to representing you on the school’s governing bodies, the School Council and the Governing Board. The elections were organized by the Lycée, with an online vote offered to every parent from October 11 to 13, 2023. 

We have published the results on our website:

Turnout, at around 30%, was stable compared with last year and quite respectable compared with other schools! We’d like to thank all those who voted, and even more those who supported us 😉

Please note that the first school and secondary school councils have already taken place (a report will follow shortly) and that the school council will take place just after the vacations, so don’t hesitate to send us your questions via this form

If you’d like to find something to do with your children during the All Saints’ vacation, please take a look at our partners’ websites:


Wishing you all a very happy autumn vacation!

Célia Hughes

And the FLT team

FLT-Fapee : LFI Tokyo Families Association