Questions for Secondary school council and School Council

Dear members,


With the start of the new school year behind us, it’s time for the first councils and commissions!

Wednesday October 11 will see the first CSD (secondary school council), followed on October 12 by the first School Council (equivalent to the CSD, but for primary schools).

Form to submit your questions to the councils

Here is a brief explanation of the role of these councils: 

Conseil du second degré (Secondary school council)

It prepares the work of the Conseil d’établissement (CE: overall school council) on all issues relating to the collège and lycée levels, in particular the following:

This council is attended by members of the school administration, teacher representatives, student representatives and parent representatives.


Conseil d’école (Primary school council)

The School Council draws up and votes on the school’s internal regulations.

It participates in drawing up and adopting the school project.

It gives its opinion on matters pertaining to the life of the school, in particular on the following subjects :

The council is attended by members of the school’s administration (primary school principal), teacher representatives and parent representatives.

Our role as parent representatives is to be your voice on these councils, and to do this we would need to be aware of your questions and concerns. Please complete the following form before Friday October 6 if any items you would like us to cover. 

Form to submit your questions to the councils


The FLT team

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