2021-22 Elections are coming up!

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Dear parents of LFI Tokyo,


As you know, the elections for the Parents Representatives to the Primary School Council (Ce) and the School Council (CE) will be held from the 13th to 15th of October 2021.

Primary School Council (Ce):

The Primary School Council prepares recommendations for the LFIT School Council with regards to educational matters and school life at the Primary School.

School Council (CE):

This body oversees the Primary and Secondary Schools. It reviews the topics discussed during the Primary School and Junior/Senior High School Councils. It can make decisions regarding educational and organizational matters within the framework defined by AEFE. It cannot replace AEFE or the Board Meeting for their specific scopes of decision. 

These elections are directly organized by the LFI Tokyo online.

Each parent votes, those of the primary school vote for the 2 councils while those having only children in secondary school vote only for the school council (CE).

As foreseen by the texts, the FLT filed on October 4th 2021:

1 Jessica Cosmao  CE2, CM2, 5e
2 Pierre-François Vilquin CM2
3 Célia Hughes CE1, 6e
4 Simon Serverin CM2, 4e
5 Virginie Cammas GS, CE2, CM2
6 Séverin Ferrand GS, CE1
7 Yannick Borghi CP, CM1
8 Pascal Rosier CE2, CM2
9 Colombe Bally CE2, CM1
10 Maxence Barbier CE2, 5e
11 Junko German CP, CP, CE2
12 Edith Dupont CM2, 2nde
13 Thomas Brun CE2
14 Albine Morgean MS, 4e
15 André Salerno CP, 5e
16 Laurence Vermont CE2, 4e, 2nde
1 Laurence Vermont  CE2, 4e, 2nde 
2 Vincent Brancourt-Ito  6e, 1ere, Tale
3 Célia Hughes CE1, 6e
4 Bruno Peyron Tale
5 René Carraz 6e
6 Simon Serverin CM2, 4e
7 Hugo Catherine CE1, CM2
8 Jessica Cosmao CE2, CM2, 5e

You will find in attachment our mission statement.

Thank you all for voting and getting people around you to also express their vote, it is important for the participation rate to be as high as in order to ensure that your representation has the maximum weight in the multiple instances we take action into. The participation rate demonstrates the parents’ level of engagement and therefore the credibility of your representatives. 

The FLT-Fapée team


FLT-Fapee : LFI Tokyo Families Association