Book Exchange 2024

Book exchange 2024



Dear parents,


As announced in our informational email regarding school supply orders via LDE, the FLT-Fapee parent association is providing a book exchange to allow parents to resell/exchange their children’s books.


This book exchange is open to all parents with children enrolled from CM2 to Terminale.


WhatsApp groups by grade level are available starting Saturday, June 15th, allowing you to find and offer books, novels, textbooks, or dictionaries.


These groups facilitate connections between sellers and buyers. All transactions remain their responsibility.


The book exchange process is simple:


1- Post your resale ads on the current grade level group and check the ads of interest in the future class group for purchases;

2- If interested, contact the people offering books via private message;

3- Once books are reserved/transmitted, inform other group members which ads are no longer available either by deleting the ad (within 48 hours after posting) or by adding a ❌ emoji


The list of WhatsApp groups is available here in the Book Exchange community: 


Once you have joined the community, you can add yourself to the relevant grade level groups. Each grade level group has a description listing the requested books. You can also find this list on the LFI Tokyo website: 


We would also like to remind you that the 1st session for online school supply orders with free delivery will open on June 19th and close on June 30th. Instructions will be sent on the opening day.


Happy exchanging and feel free to contact us with any questions!


The FLT Team


FLT-Fapee : LFI Tokyo Families Association