Info FLT: back-to-school parent-teacher meetings

Dear families,

you will find below the schedule for the back-to-school parent-teacher meetings. The exact schedule and the videoconference link will be or have been communicated by email (or via the liaison booklet in primary school). Do not hesitate to contact the primary or secondary office if you have not received them on the day of the meeting.

Again this year, due to the health crisis and the state of emergency in Tokyo, these meetings are held by video conference so the FLT Association cannot participate as it did before the pandemic.

We suggest you visit our website You can :


At the primary level, In primary school, we recommend that you take advantage of these meetings to create a Line or WhatsApp group that will allow you to be connected among parents. This is useful throughout the year to exchange different types of information, as the health crisis reduces the possibility of physical meetings. 

In order to play our role in supporting parents as best as possible, the association is looking for a parent for each class who could be our privileged contact! If you would like to be this contact, please contact Jessica Cosmao, primary school vice president of the association, indicating the class or classes concerned. 



Date Group
Monday, September 13th CP
Tuesday, September 14th CE1
Wednesday, September 15th CM1 D & E
Thursday, September 16th CM2
Friday, September 17th CE2
Tuesday, September 21st M1 M3 & M7
Wednesday, September 22nd CM1 A
Thursday, September 23rd M2 M4 & M6
Friday, September 24rd M5 M8 & M9
Monday, September 27th CM1 B & C

In secondary school, these meetings are also an opportunity to express your desire to be a parent delegate. Don’t hesitate to propose yourself: 2 parent delegates can be present at the class councils which will take place by videoconference, at least in the first term. The parents and alternates can take turns to participate. If you are hesitating, the association can support you in this role. An information meeting will be organized by the association in the near future to answer questions from new parent delegates.  If you want to know more, please contact Laurence Vermont, secondary school vice-president of the association.


Date Group
Monday, September 13th Sixième
Tuesday, September 14th Cinquième & Quatrième
Wednesday, September 15th Troisième & Seconde
Thursday, September 16th Première
Friday, September 17th Terminale

Again, please feel free to contact us with any questions/comments or topics you would like to discuss with the LFI Tokyo with the support of the association.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide Japanese translation as our team of translators is too small. We are looking for volunteers!


The FLT team


FLT-Fapee : LFI Tokyo Families Association