Dear FLT Members,

On April 17th we received a notification from unions of teachers and employees (TOZEN-UPL, SE-Unsa, FSU(SNUIPP-SNES), SGEN-CFDT) informing us about the resignation of their representatives from the following LFI Tokyo’s committees:

–        School Council

–        Human Resources Committee

–        Councilors’ Assembly

–        School Health and Safety Committee

–        Employees Health, Safety and Labor Committee

–        Continuous Training Committee

–        Solidarity Committee

–        High and Junior High School Quality of Life Council

–        Foyer Socio-Educatif

By this collective resignation they protest against a general atmosphere allegedly detrimental to their work.

This action has no incidence on teaching schedule.

As parents’ representatives we have initiated a discussion with the personnel’s representatives as well as with the LFIT administration and are keeping a close eye on how this situation will unfold.

Sincerely yours,

FLT-Fapée Team


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