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Dear FLT Members,


On 2018 May 28th, the Primary School Council (Ce) was held.

2018 School Year


Departures: Mrs Cabane, Bouscarle, Detey et Gomez will leave this year. Mrs Le Berre did not wish to continue in MSB in order to focus on english teaching only. Mrs Matsubara (ASEM) got a sabbatical year.


Arrivals: Mrs Cabrit is arriving from Dubai and will be in charge of PSA class. Mrs Blaire from Taipei will be in charge of the 5th class of CE2. Mrs Dujardin, mother of 2 LFIT students, will be joining the Library (BCD), she had a similar experience in Singapore. The teacher position for MSB is still under visa process and another teacher’s position is still under process.

In order to address the headcount increase, an additional class of CE2 will be opened, which will lead to a total number of 32 classes. Forecasted headcounts as of September 2018: 826 students (+4% vs September 2017). It will be difficult to accept all registrations in MS and CP, and there will probably be a waiting list.


In September 2018, there won’t be enough classrooms in the LFIT to welcome all new students, especially knowing that GS and CP classes cannot exceed 25 students per class.


Regarding the bilingual stream, the commission will take place on June 8th. For GSB next school year, there won’t be any availability because there is no departure planned. For other levels, there will be few availabilities. The school will try to fill in all bilingual classes (if not already full) from beginning of the year in order to avoid any change during school year.


The school is composed by 39% of french families, 43% of franco-japanese, 9% japanese, and 9% of miscellaneous. Since the last 8 years, le percentage of french families is stable and we see an increase of franco-japanese families (+4 points) which is decreasing the non french families equally.


Regarding the FLSco (), Mrs Bourbon has worked with 64 students at year end compared with 47 last year at the same period. In this period of the year, it is only small groups of students outside normal teaching time or as co-teaching during class hours.

The method of support evolves case by case depending on each child’s progression. Next year 26 hours will be dedicated to FLSco compared to 24 hours this year.

It is important to mention Mrs Bourbon will become part time next year. M Mabillot (currently substitute teacher) will complete the teaching hours.


School transports were almost 100% full in 2017-2018 (263 students in elementary school and 137 in kindergarten). The school’s transportation department is trying to satisfy most of the requests, especially for young children, which is explaining the decision not to allow children in CM2 to travel by school bus anymore. Note that during the school council of March 29th 2018, it has been decided that, from September 2018, school transports will be limited to students from PS till CM1, which will generate available seats on all bus lines (about 65 vacated seats).


In terms of extracurricular activities, nearly 59% of kindergarten students are enrolled in an activity, compared to nearly 72% in elementary school. For the next school year, there will be no major changes in terms of activity offer. However, the  school will try to increase activities in different languages ​​(the 3 languages ​​used) according to available places and could also work on table in case there would not be enough places for some activities.


46% of students used the child care service at least once. 1.5% are enrolled in the morning and 7% in the evening. The school will try to set up a new system for the next school year based on EDUKA bookings. Information will be given for next year.


Your questions have been answered
– Despite a higher number of students, the number of accidents is decreasing. Most accidents occurred in the primary yard. The number of supervisors in the yard is 5 in the morning and 4 in cycle 3. The number of visits to the nursery will certainly increase somewhat at the end of the school year. The director indicates that he will be able to work next year with the parents’ representatives on the criteria of passage to the nursery to no longer reach a considerably high number.

– Regarding the solutions considered to cope with the increase of students number and to solve the lack of classrooms, the pupils will be welcomed as much as possible or put in waiting list, while trying to respect at best the limit of 30 pupils by class. In-house teaching spaces are available for students while waiting for the opportunity to benefit from the Number 6 school. Thus, next year, the A-207 multipurpose room will be transformed into a classroom. Students will occupy the secondary music room from time to time for language group. In September 2019, the computer room first degree will be recovered and in September 2020 it will be the technology one.

– Regarding the reflection work on language teaching, as announced during the second quarter school council, a working meeting is planned for June. The work will then be finalized during the first quarter of the 2018/2019 school year in order to implement some possible changes in autumn 2019.

– Situations of theft committed inside the primary school: 0 (a case of accusation never elucidated because of lack of evidence). Situations of thefts committed outside the school this year: 0
An awareness campaign was made to the pupils of CM1 and CM2 on the behavior that we expect from them outside the school: politeness with local residents, incivilities, respect of shopkeepers, risks in case of theft in konbinis, etc.

– Regarding expectations of kindergarten at the end of cycle 3, the director reminds that we can refer to the website www.education.gouv.fr/parents. This is a site for parents, with simple language. Regarding school report for monitoring skills in kindergarten, the school will think next year, with the teachers concerned, to implement a new format.

– For the use of internet at school and protection of students against access to inappropriate content, the school uses a filtering solution based on Fortinet products that have prevailed in the Asian zone, because more effective than the old solutions proposed by the national education (Amon) that were not very effective in a multilingual environment.

– For the use of the internet textbook instead of the paper textbook, there is no better tool than another. School management feels that the important thing is that the student can meet both during his elementary school education. The two uses are different and complementary during the student’s education.

– Regarding assessment of the implementation of multi-age kindergartens, both teachers and parents are satisfied. According to teachers, the improvement is quite impressive. All children who had behavioral difficulties are now well independent, respectful of the material and work of others. Children have really developed their social skills and are really able to cooperate to learn. They are more and more voluntary and dedicated in all learning process even those requiring an important effort of concentration  like handwriting on writing book or understanding French.


Sincerely yours,


FLT-Fapée Team

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