CE report (School Council)

Dear FLT Members,


On 2018 March 29th, the second  LFIT School council of the year 2017-18 was held.
Your FLT-fapée representatives participated: Elisabeth Beaufort, Ludivine Carnel, Vincent Brancourt and Joel Gay.

The proposed calendar is adopted to be presented to the AEFE for validation. The final version will be adopted at the end of May, at the next School council. In the current unvalidated proposal:
Back to school  on September 3rd
Christmas holidays from December 21st 2018  to January 7th 2019
Summer holidays: from 2019 July 5th

Preparation of the 2018-2019 school year: with the cancellation of the extension project on school number 6 at the beginning of the next school year, it will be necessary to find solutions within the current premises of the school while the number of pupils  continue to increase. Two new classes should be created: a CE2 and a Terminale.
During these discussions, the issue of the integration of poorly French speaking children was raised and the need for a real  awareness of the parents on the specificities of a French education in Japan has been reaffirmed.

Among the questions from your representatives, we had clarifications on the use of tablets in Primary school: their use is always supervised by an adult.
Little progress has been made on the issue of the follow-up of studying Chinese pupils, as the limited and low stability number of pupils do not allow, according to the School’s  management, to implement this follow up.
Space issues in the next school year put the risk of a waiting list for new registrants.
Little progress on the question of the music school, except the establishment of a special rate for pupils having a scholarship. Prices continue to exclude a large number of students who might be interested.
Faced with the saturation of the school bus system, the management announced that from the next school year, the CM2 will no longer be able to use it. The creation of a new line is still under study. FLT-FAPEE representatives continue to wish to be more involved in discussion on these matter.

The idea of proposing a mid-year enrollment for extracurricular activities is not retained for practical reasons.
The internship reports of the Seconde will be the subject of an oral presentation in May. FLT-Fapée are delighted with this new presentation.

Sincerely yours,


FLT-Fapée Team

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