CSD Report

Dear FLT Members,


Your representatives were at the Junior and Senior High School Council (CSD) held on March 22.

Forecasted headcount and structure:

The current headcount forecast for year 2017-2018 is 82 pupils in 4 classes for 5e, and 89 pupils in 3 classes for 4e. It is possible that one 5e class would be closed, so as to open a 4e class. The final decision will be made once next schoolyear’s headcount is confirmed.


Teachers headcount:

LFIT is looking to hire a part-time English teacher, for the International Section in Highschool and additional support to the Primary School. This position requires a native speaker certified in Literature from the US.

An additional Spanish teacher is also necessary.


Support to filling up the PEACs and other paths:

Your representatives inquired whether some teachers could help pupils fill up the PEAC applications.

The files are managed by pupils on their own.  Teachers are not supposed to access them, but they explain to pupils which event corresponds to which path.

Teachers responsible for each class check with oral tests during class time, it is not necessary to have a fully completed file for oral examinations.


Information meeting regarding available paths (OIB, International Sections, etc.)

LFIT will organize a meeting in May to explain the system to parents of 5e pupils, before the submission of wishes for next year.


Hours of Japanese teaching for OIB (International Option of the Baccalaureate)

Your representatives noted that the French Lycee in Shanghai provides 8 hours of Chinese teaching for the OIB, whereas LFIT only provides 5 hours.

Mrs. Reynaud mentions that LFIT actually provides 3 hours of Japanese, 4 hours of literature and 2 hours of history-geography, so total 9 hours, and 3 hours of language plus 2 hours of civilization in Oriental Section.



Your representatives asked for clarifications about the Foreign language certifications for pupils.

Mrs. Reynaud mentioned that all 3e pupils take the Cambridge Proficiency Test in English, with fees paid by LFIT. Pupils can also take TOEFL in 1e, but they should pay the fees. For Spanish the DELE is possible for 1e and Terminale pupils, and DELF for non French-speaking pupils. For German, there is no test available in Japan currently.


Language Projects:

Your representatives asked whether it would be possible to reconsider the transition between Bilingual classes in Primary School and High School.

Mrs. Reynaud mentioned that with English Project, pupils go from 12 hours of English teaching in Primary school to 7 hours in High School, but the change of system and additional subjects in the curriculum should also be taken into account. It is necessary to avoid overloading pupils. Mrs. Reynaud highlighted that no LFIT student has ever been rejected from a college due to his language level.


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FLT-Fapée Team

FLT-Fapee : LFI Tokyo Families Association