FLT new board

Dear FLT Members,


Following our General Meeting on Sept. 30, we are pleased to announce the composition of the new board of FLT for 2017-2018:

President: Vincent Brancourt-Ito

Vice-president Junior High school: Marie-Laure Clément

Vice-president Primary school: Pierre-François Vilquin

Treasurer: Amal Iguider

Secretary: Myriam Dartois-Ako

As well as Elisabeth Beaufort, Priscilla Bergeret, Ludivine Carnel, Nicolas di Costanzo, Hatem El-Nashar, Guillaume Fernet, Joël Gay, Nina Gilotte, Murielle Ino, Hélène Kato, Sachiko Sakuma, Simon Serverin and Salima Vélasco

Special Counsel: Sophie Blin and François Roussel


The minutes of the meeting and composition of our board  are also available on our website.

We remind you that the elections to the LFIT School Council and the LFIT Primary School Council will be held from October 16 to 18. Get involved for better representation and remember: both parents vote!


Sincerely yours,

FLT-Fapée Team




FLT-Fapee : LFI Tokyo Families Association