INFO FLT : It’s already winter break!

Dear LFI Tokyo families, 


Writing to you at the end of each period has become a tradition… A way for us to keep you informed of the topics and activities that are keeping the parent association busy.


The 3rd period came to an end with a final week full of meetings involving the elected parents representatives: Junior High and High School Student Council, Primary School Council, Junior High and High School Council and the overall School Council. 


We are actively working on drafting trilingual summaries that will be published on our website and distributed to all FLT members. 


The main topics discussed were next year’s school calendar (attached is the current provisional version which still requires validation by the AEFE), as well as changes to the language curriculum (proposal attached) which aims to ensure continuity between the primary and secondary school.

The proposed language reform has two components:

This proposal was not validated by the School Council as it stands, as the parent and teacher representatives lacked the proper information to make a decision. The reading of the minutes of the school councils will allow the more curious among you to know the arguments brought forward by the various parties. 


Since the beginning of January, we have pursued our activities with:


After the break, there are several important deadlines: 


In this regard, we have expressed the families’ concern about the possibility of an increase in tuition, as well as the request to decide on re-enrollment before knowing the new fees. It is good to note that the non-refundable re-enrollment fee will only be invoiced in April, therefore it will still be possible to cancel re-enrollment before making a financial commitment. Having an accurate estimate of the re-enrollment rate ahead of the Board of Directors will allow for a better adjustment of the school fees. As always, the parent representatives on the Board of Directors will ensure that any tuition increases this year are contained and justified, as well as request that proper measures are taken to control expenses.


As the end of the second term approaches, the junior-high and high school class councils will take place from March 13 to 23. We thank all parent delegates for their commitment and for sharing with us feedback about their class or broader school. 


We wish good luck to the Terminale students who will be working on the first BAC 2023 exams from the end of March.


Also please note in your diaries:


The FLT board and elected representatives to the school councils are at your disposal, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or suggestions. We answer to all parents, FLT members or not. 


However, there is still time to become a member, for a modest fee of ¥1000 per family per school year. The funds allow us to maintain our website, cover our dues to the FAPEE and OLES, finance our activities or  make donations to the School’s solidarity fund to support families in need so all students can participate in trips and school outings.


Thank you to those who have read this message in its entirety!


Happy school break to the children and families lucky enough to benefit from a few days away from the city!


Sincerely yours,

The FLT Team

FLT-Fapee : LFI Tokyo Families Association