Minutes of the Primary School Council November 13th 2019

Minutes of the Primary School Council of the First trimester

(The full report is available on the LFIT website – in French)

Each year the first school council is an opportunity for the director to introduce several subjects for the new school year, discovery class projects and the calendar for upcoming events.

New school year 2019

New teachers : Mme Bonifay (M2), Mme Dohen (M4), Mme Jallerat (M7), Mme Allard (CPE), M Boumghar (CE2B) et Mme Cazeres (FLSco).

The school now has 33 classes; 9 in Kindergarten and 24 in Elementary. An additional 4th-grade class was opened. We are expecting to have 34 classes next year.

As of September 2019, there are 843 students (averaging 25.5 per class). The 3rd cycle continues to have the most students with an average of 28 students per class. The school is doing its best to keep optimal student numbers, however, in some cases, classes have up to 30 students.

In order to add a class, the school converted the computer room into a regular classroom for CM2A. To make up for this, 70 Chromebooks (5 per class from 3rd to 5th grade) have been purchased to make computers available to students rather than having a specified room for them (this goes along the recommendations from the Ministry of Education). The school transitioned from teaching how to use computers to utilizing them as learning tools. Computer use is conducted according to needs and educational projects decided in advance. 

Action FLT : We will continue to monitor the increase in the student population as well as the optimal use of the computers.

Discovery class projects: 

In November CE1 (A,C,E) will go to Nagano.

Through the Football Project for Asai, 20 students from CM1 and CM2 will go to Hanoi in December.

CE1D and CE2E will go to Chiba in April and CP (B and E) will go to Nagano.

CM2 (B,C,D) will go to Myoko Mura in May and CM1 (A and D) will go to Sakura in May-June.

These projects are chosen by the teachers who agree to take their students. For the project to go through, at least 80% of the children must attend. The budgets are still being calculated but will not go over the maximum allowed for trips inside Japan (50,000 yen).

Action FLT : We will continue to monitor the projects, budgets, and requests for financial help to the solidarity fund made by families for families who need financial assistance.

Event Calendar : 

Week of French School in the World (18th to 22nd November); Christmas Choirs (December) ; Solidarity Christmas Race for Kindergarten  (11th December) : 18th December in the event of rain ; Solidarity Christmas Race Elementary (17th December) : 19th December in the event of rain ; Olympic and paralympic week 2020 (February 3rd to 8th) ; Francophony month/ Reading Night (March) ; Maths Week  (March) ; Visit from Suzuki School (April 10th) ; Science Week (May-June) ; School Festival (30th Mai ) ; Musique Festival (June) ; Mini Olympics CE1, CM1, CM2 (June).


Your questions answered:

Actions were taken to increase the offers and the capacity of the after school activities.

We are doing the best we can with the space available and the time constraints Where possible, we open a second class to satisfy the number of requests (for instance for the Musical comedy). When all spaces are occupied, a solution is to open classes on Saturday morning, as we did for Soccer.



School and Ecology

The next council meeting will be held on April 1st, 2020.

FLT-Fapee : LFI Tokyo Families Association