Orientation Evening at LFIT

Orientation Evening at LFIT

A short report of the orientation evening organized by Mr Ritter for parents and high school students, on 14 November. The theme was “Studying Internationally (Japan, UK, Canada, U.S.A”). After reminding the audience that ~ 65% of students choose to go to study in France after the baccalaureate, Mr Ritter presented the challenges, advantages and potential pitfalls encountered by students who prefer the vast world (12% Japan, 22% others). Besides the “satellites” of French Grandes Ecoles  (Centrale Beijing, ESSEC Asia to Singapore …), he introduced the main Universities and Schools of each of the countries presented. We particularly appreciated the information on the general conditions for each host country (visa, cost of living, etc.) but also on the teaching style and the international reputation of each school, all based on the feedback from former LFIT students who went to these schools. The LFIT provides relevant support to candidates , to help with administrative procedures and provide advice tailored to each student’s situation. In this regards, the need for upstream preparation (sometimes from the beginning of 1ere) has been stressed several times during the evening. To support students and their families in these decisions, Mr Ritter provides them with a set of reliable online resources and has indicated that he tries to make himself for consultation as often as possible (pritter@lfitokyo.org). All the participants thanked Mr Ritter for this evening, very rich in information. The next meeting (February 6) will address “Commercial prepas, College of Literature, Science Po and post-graduate schools”.

You can find the calendar of the next meetings here.

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