Parent representatives’ elections

Dear Parents,


The FLT-Fapée team would like to express a heartfelt thank you for your participation to the 2017-2018 Board Council and School Council parent representatives’ elections. This year, the participation rate was of 30% (vs.20.6% last year) for the School Council and 28.3% for the Elementary School Council (vs.19.4% last year).

Your 2017-2018 representatives for the Elementary School Council (Conseil d’Ecole) are: Principal: M. Pierre-François Vilquin, M. Simon Serverin, Ms. Murielle Ino, Ms. Hélène Kato, Ms. Tomoko Takeuchi, M. Hatem El-Nashar, Ms. Priscilla Bergeret, M. Guillaume Fernet.

Alternate: M. Vincent Brancourt-Ito, M. Yannick Borghi, Ms. Romana Gajda, M. Pascal Rosier, Ms. Nina Gilotte, Ms. Anne-Cécile Roques, Ms. Elisabeth Beaufort, Ms. Marie-Laure Clément.

Your representatives for the School Council (Elementary, Middle and High School) (Conseil d’Etablissement) are:

Principal:  M. Vincent Brancourt-Ito, M. Joël Gay, Mme Murielle Ino, Ms. Elisabeth Beaufort.

Alternate:  M. Guillaume Fernet, Ms. Marie-Laure Clément, M. Hatem El-Nashar, Ms. Ludivine Carnel.


Please feel free to contact your representatives as needed!


Sincerely yours,

FLT-Fapée Team

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