Questions for the exceptional primary school and school councils of May 27th 2020 – Response deadline: Tuesday May 26th 18:00

We apologize for not being able to provide a Japanese version given the very short timeline.

Dear Parents,


LFI Tokyo announced a partial lifting of the lock-down, with Maternel
kids returning 1/3 of the week, Elementary (CP-CM2) returning to school
every other day. Secondary (6eme-Term) would use a hybrid system (2,5
afternoon/week at school and distance learning for mornings). The
present plan is constrained by directives from different authorities,
both Japanese and French. The main goal is to maintain social distancing
and other precautions while allowing a gradual return to school.
Considering the high diversity of situations among the families
(languages, telework, distance from school, risk assessment), The final
plan will be decided at the coming School council, on Wednesday 27. This
survey will allow your FLT representatives to weigh in on a solution
that would satisfy a majority of families.
Please do not hesitate to forward this anonymous survey to parents that would be members of the FLT and provide constructive feedback.


Please click on the following hyperlink to access to the survey form:


The FLT team.

FLT-Fapee : LFI Tokyo Families Association