Summary of the School Council help on 24-05-2021

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English Summary of the School Council :


Update of the internal rules for the 2021-2022 school year:

At the Primary level, this concerns in particular the suppression of the late bill (managed by pronote), “the prohibition of any personal object not requested by the teacher”, the mention “phones off or in silent mode in the bag”. At the secondary level, the explicit prohibition of plagiarism and the wearing of appropriate clothing, taking into account the rules of decorum (replacing the terms “decent dress”) are now mentioned.


Proposal of axes for the school project:

The school project will be finalized next year. At the moment, the proposal is oriented around the following 3 axes. The wording may change at the beginning of the school year. 


Provision of a software program to supervise students’ online activities

In order to avoid abuses in secondary schools (games, chat, web browsing…) during the pedagogical use of fixed or portable computers (Chromebook) in class, teachers are allowed to use software to supervise online activities. The proposed solutions (two free software: VEYON, for fixed computers, and DOZO for laptops) work without data retention. 


Rejection of the proposal to stop classes early for exam classes:

After debate and consultation, this proposal, which was being considered to reduce the risk of contamination of students in the run-up to exams, was overwhelmingly rejected by the EC. One of the main arguments was pedagogical, as teachers attach importance to the follow-up of students during the last days. The importance of educating students to avoid risky situations outside of class was emphasized, as the risk of being a contact case is greater than the risk of being infected.


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