Summary of the Junior and Senior School Council held 28/09/2020

First Junior and Senior School Council after the students’ return to the school premises for full days.

This was an opportunity for an assessment of the beginning of the year, in not-yet-quite-normal conditions, with the management and representatives from teachers and students.

Back to school protocol: Shortened days and support hours.

After 6 months away from the classrooms, shortened days were appreciated as a a less abrupt start to the school year. On the other hand, the assessment of the last hour of class, although beneficial for some students, was rather contrasted. We regret that there was very little communication with the parents about the purpose of this organization and that each teacher used this time in a different way. The principal stresses the short deadlines for the implementation of this protocol.

Many classes remain incomplete because of closed borders. In secondary school, the average is 26 students per class (max 28 in 6ᵉ). 

Pedagogical council’s answer on the introduction of Chromebooks in secondary school:

Almost unanimous opposition from teachers to the classroom use of Chromebook for the junior high school.  An evaluation of the pedagogical benefits in high school must be done first. We insisted on the distinction between pedagogical use in the classroom and use outside as an alternative to paper textbooks carried daily by students. On this point, there is no opposition from teachers to a paper+digital option, but the offer of publishers is murky.

School educational project :

Year-long project to define what LFIT should be in the next three years. Diagnostic and proposals will be combined to identify a few key priorities. Multiple working groups will be set up, with both elected representatives and volunteer teachers, students and parents. In the first stages, a survey of parents will be carried out. We have asked to be associated to the writing of the survey, to make sure that the parents’ questions/interests are addressed. Since the concerns in kindergarten / elementary / junior high school / high school are different, we asked for specific groups/surveys.The first meeting of the working group will be on Thursday, October 15, with no more than 10 people in total, 2-4 parents from elementary, 2-4 from secondary, 2-4 teacher representatives. 

Miscellaneous questions :

Study room availability? Room 303 is only available on Mondays and 3 afternoons during the week, due to health protocol. CDI not accessible either but the reopening will be discussed by the health committee, subject to the evolution of the epidemy.

Common tests in 1st / T: Do the subjects (and the revisions) for these tests evaluate the students for topics covered during the previous trimester or since the beginning of the year? Debate not closed.

FLT: AEFE survey on pedagogical continuity (aka distance learning):

Parents asked the school management to report to AEFE that the quality of survey is dubious and that it contains inconsistencies that already cast doubt on the quality of the conclusions that will be drawn from it.

FLT-Fapee : LFI Tokyo Families Association