Summary of the Primary School Council held on 2022-02-02

Link to the detailed minutes in French (5 pages). 


One-page summary

Attended by the primary school principal, 8 parent representatives, 9 teacher representatives and 2 guest teachers.

Enrollment is down slightly and below projections. A discussion will take place at the Board of Directors meeting to discuss the possibility of  closing one of the 9 kindergarten classes and one CM1 class for the 2022/23 school year, depending on new enrollments.

Teachers and parents gave positive feedback on the 10 days of distance learning. 

There has been some discussions regarding the date of the beginning of the school year (September 2 or September 5), the choice of public holidays during which school will open or not, and the dates of the Christmas break. The provisional calendar will be voted on by the school council on February 8, before being validated by the Embassy and the AEFE.


Main answers to parents’ questions


Health situation

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