Summary of the Primary School Council held on November 10th, 2020

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Summary of the Primary School Council :

To date, 813 students are enrolled (23 more than in September). 15 more new students are expected by January 2021.

The Christmas race will take place on December 9th for the kindergarten (or December 14th in case of bad weather), and on December 15th and 17th  for the elementary school, with the possible presence of parents.

Pedagogical outings by bus or on foot (but not by train/metro) are authorized when the visit is in an open-air location (but not to visit closed places).

Judo, kickboxing, aikido, and fencing are allowed (with some special measures). Sports meetings with teams outside the high school are authorized under certain conditions. 

Musical instrument classes are authorized with the exception of wind instruments.

Concerning the projected extension of the elementary school by annexing the neighboring school n°6, after considering several scenarios, the council decided the classes of CE2, CM1, and CM2 will be moved to the annex, in the spring of 2022 or at the beginning of the school year of September 2022. The school council unanimously validated this decision.

Main answers to various questions:

Concerning the opening of the International Sections in CE1 at the beginning of the school year 2022, the school is planning on opening up to 2 groups (about 50 students) in SIA (American International Section) and 1 group (about 25 students) in SIJ (Japanese International Section) with the same selection process as the bilingual classes. 

The mention of insufficient lunchtime will be considered as part of a global reflection on school meals during a group meeting during the school council (meeting on 19/11/2020). 

As for school buses, the remaining spaces on the buses will be offered for January-June 2021 to students currently in CM2 with priority for siblings.

The FLT-Fapée

FLT-Fapee : LFI Tokyo Families Association