Summary of the School Council held 2020/11/12

See here for the full report in French.

English Summary of the School Council :

43 new students have joined since September, and 30 will arrive in the next few weeks. The enrollment level will thus be comparable to last year. 

The various committees reporting to the School Council have been set up. The FLT Association represents parents in the following committees: Junior and Senior High School Council (CSD), Junior-Hi and High School Quality of Life Representative Council (CVLC), Disciplinary Council, Health and Civic Duty Committee (CESC), Solidarity Fund Committee, Real Estate Committee.

The primary school classes to be moved to the school extension (in the newly renovated building ) will be  CE2, CM1, and CM2 (unanimously approved).

Following the theft that took place on Tuesday, October 13, 2020, in the gym’s locker rooms, new measures to be taken were discussed. The principal summarized the actions carried out by the management team. The police have asked to hear the six students who were victims of this theft. This is still in progress. 

We insisted that LFI Tokyo should take dissuasive steps to deter thieves by reminding them of the penalties incurred, which are particularly severe in Japan. Consular Councillor F. Roussel also emphasized the importance of reminding all students of the rule. The various actions that can be taken will be discussed in the ad hoc committees (CVLC and CESC).  

The School Council unanimously validated the conclusions of the health protocol monitoring group that had already been transmitted to the families.

Answers to main questions:

FLT-Fapee : LFI Tokyo Families Association