Echoes of the LFIT School Council (SC) – 02 October 2019

Echoes of the LFIT School Council (SC) – 02 October 2019

Student Parents Representative: M. Carraz, M. Gay, M. Launey, M. Brancourt

(The full report will be available on the LFIT website.)

Important information from the last School council of the 2018-19 school year, intended to plan the start of the new school year, the teachers’ training projects, the school projects including school trips.

           This was the first SC with the new directing team: New Principal, New Administrative and financial director, new vice principal (who could not attend). We are happy to be working with them.


Q & A



The principal mentioned that this question was already answered by the Ambassador during the official meeting at which the parents’ representatives were invited, on September 19th, 2019. A parent representatives indicated that this question was asked in order for it to leave a written report about a miscommunication.



According to the principal this is not a structural problem but rather part of the necessary arrangements that need to be made at the beginning of the school year. Time slots for lunch have been created and if the students follow them, there should not be any further problems. If a student is unable to eat at the scheduled time he/she should report to the ‘Vie Scolaire’ to avoid skipping any meal.



The sign can be translated but this has to be done tactfully so that the neighbors understand the purpose is to help our children to respect the japanese rules. 



The priority is to regulate the flow between school and the train station to show our neighborhood that we are aware of their concerns. Measures can be taken on both sides, also to reassure the Japanese population that welcomes us. The LFIT has already received 3 letters of complaints since the beginning of the school year. We also need to explain to parents that they need to teach their children to respect the Japanese rules.



The OIB will stay in place but will also be adapted to the new BAC requirements. The Japanese International Section is possible but the number of students enrolled will determine its opening or not. This year again there were not enough registrations to open it. We are working on making the different language options clearer for parents and students.



The change in structure is ongoing but the financial side and the part that students will play in the organization of activities (and get credit for it)  has not yet been clarified. This is a cause of concern for the students’ and parents’ representatives. 



Also, parents are wondering whether this is an actual purchase or if students will be expected to turn in the devices at the need of the 3rd year.

The principal confirms that it is an actual purchase and that the students will keep the Chromebook when they leave the LFIT. The type and model and chosen by the school. The LFIT will set up the devices to limit usage risks. The Principal agrees that the wording is confusing and will be changed asap. An in-depth discussion on the different benefits of using a Chromebook will have to be conducted  (electronic versions of school manuals are not yet generally available ).

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