LFI Tokyo School Council summary

Dear FLT Members,


We are happy to bring you a new version of our report on the various Councils. Please find here an English summary of the discussions; for the detailed report in French, please refer to the pdf file.


The Primary school council that took place on November 7th examined, in particular, the role, functioning and powers of the council in accordance with the texts of the AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad).
In accordance with the texts of the AEFE, the Primary school council is chaired by the Primary school’s director. Members with voting rights are: the Primary school Director, 15 teachers (at least one by teaching level), one of the specialized teachers involved in the school and 15 representatives of the parents (at least one by teaching level). At LFI Tokyo (International French School in Tokyo), it was decided by mutual agreement that it would consist of 8 teachers and 8 representatives of the parents.


The Primary school council reviewed the figures for the start of the new  2017 school year. It again shows an increase in enrollment (789 vs 747 expected in May) especially in elementary school. The Primary school is now composed of 31 classes, 9 in preschool (PS to GS) and 22 in elementary school (CP to CM2). An additional class has been opened in CE1 and CM2 to meet a strong demand.
The average number of students per class is 25.4.  From 23.5 in PS to 28.5 in CE2.

The FLT will ensure that classes are not overloaded and that the target of 25-26 students per elementary class is respected.


The functioning of the three multi-age classes in preschool (PS-MS-GS) set up since the beginning of the school year gives full satisfaction, especially as regards the learning of autonomy and mutual aid between children of different ages.

FLT will remain vigilant about the functioning of these classes and will continue to ask for regular reviews of their implementation.


School trips: only “snow classes” trips for CE1 are finalized yet (at the cost of 20,000 yen per child). The other numerous projects are still to be finalized. The school management and teachers want as many children as possible to participate in these trips called “classes de découverte”.

The FLT will ensure that this will be implemented and that the maximum costs, defined by the Board meeting (CA) and School Council (CE), are respected so that all children can participate.


Communication: we want all parents to have access to information. The school management is doing its best to send  as many trilingual communications as possible, but efforts must be continued.

Languages: A language commission will be set up to address the issues of Japanese and English  education in elementary and preschool. This commission will first have to develop a survey to send to parents.  

The FLT will participate in this commission alongside teachers and school management.


Sincerely yours,

FLT-Fapée Team




FLT-Fapee : LFI Tokyo Families Association