Minutes of the LFIT School Council (SC) 18 November 2019

Minutes Of the LFIT School Council (SC) 18 November 2019

(The full report will be available on the LFIT website in French.)

Student Parents Representatives:  M. Peyron, M. Serverin, M. Launey, M. Brancourt


This second School Council of 2019-2020 gave Mr. Wajnberg the opportunity to present several projects that will be put into action this year or in September 2020.





The principal states that every effort will be made to allow students who wish to follow these options and point out that some options are already open with few students (<5?). To enable management to make the necessary projections, families interested in specialties / options are invited to come forward before the orientation decision.



See above. The plan for the next school year is one SIA class per level but it may change depending on the number of families who manifest interest and the evaluations made by the teachers.



On the form, during this EC and a preparatory meeting, the Principal and his Assistant indicated to be aware of the efforts to be made in these areas, in particular, to systematically implement a communication at least bilingual for all announcements to parents. Basically, the management seems to have realized that the information is not easily accessible (period of reform(s), distance from the metropolis, non-French public ..).



This question has been asked before. The representatives of the elementary school teachers answered that the use of screens is under control and limited, following the guidelines given by the Ministry of Education. The principal suggested considering this question in the CESC (Comité d’éducation à la santé et à la citoyenneté ). 


FLT-Fapee : LFI Tokyo Families Association