Summary of the Junior and Senior High School Council held 2022-11-09

Full minutes in French

At the start of the session, the teachers’ representative asked for the schedule of councils from previous years to be reinstated. A first council held at the beginning of October would allow for more timely discussions at the beginning of the school year.

The management then presented the different educational projects for the year. Given the easing of covid measures, they are particularly numerous. The financial rule remains unchanged: an upper limit of 50 000 yens per student in Japan; 100 000 yens for trips abroad.

The principal presented the timetable for the elaboration of the new school project, with the three main themes previously agreed upon in 2021-22. In a later stage, a workgroup consisting of volunteers from teachers, staff, students and parents will flesh out the objectives and define key indicators.

Questions from students concerning school outings and trips were also addressed during the CSD.


Miscellaneous questions from parents

The administrative team indicated that it is not possible to make simulations based on current parameters to prepare for next year. The major pain points have been understood, as well as areas for remediation. Most of the problems are due to the wide scope of options being offered to students.

The time slot during which high school students can leave the school grounds before and after the lunch break cannot be further increased. The administration has provided students with work spaces during this period. They invite students to report to the office should they find it difficult to find available work rooms.

An office has been made available to professionals (speech therapist, etc.) since the beginning of the school year for the care of students with special needs, under certain conditions.

The school administration has launched a reflection on the foreign language curriculum, with the relevant teaching teams. Parents’ representatives will be involved and the results and decisions will be communicated to all parents in the 3rd term.

The administrative team reminded the existence of various remedial measures: personalized support, implementation of a special support plan; FLSco (French as a language of instruction – for non-French speaking students). 

The recent evaluations in the 6th grade will make it possible to evaluate the number of students concerned and define strategies. The results of the assessments in CP and CE1 are quite satisfactory.

The administration indicates that such a combination is not possible. Although two families have their children in this situation, it is the result of an error at the beginning of the year and the pursuit of these two courses simultaneously will not be possible from next year.

The administrative team indicates that it is very difficult, almost impossible to further multiply language levels or to organize classes across several levels (e.g., 6e and 5e grouped together). The solution is more to lean towards differentiated instruction, managing different levels of students within a single class.

The beginner group is for students who have just arrived. It is sometimes not available and some students find themselves in an intermediate group, composed of students previously enrolled in the school. Here again, differentiated instruction should be put in place to meet the needs of new students.

To administer these tests at the school, authorization would need to be provided. However, the question of setting up a preparation for these tests at the school can certainly be considered.

FLT-Fapee : LFI Tokyo Families Association