Summary of the School Council held 2021/02/02

Link to the full report in French:


Adjustments to the health protocol of January 12, 2021 were validated and renewed.

The process for developing the “Projet d’établissement” has been updated: the main points will be validated at the end of May, but its finalization will continue next year. Workshops based in particular on the answers to the December questionnaires are planned for staff, parents, and students.

The 2021/2022 calendar has been discussed and still needs to be validated by the embassy and the national education system before it can be circulated.

The pedagogical structures 2021-2022 were unanimously adopted:

Answers to main questions:

What follow-up was given to the thefts committed during the previous period?  Interviews had taken place with the police. There were no new reports. The theme of security has been integrated into the student questionnaire and initiatives have been formulated by the CVLC. The project of ‘forget boxes’ during P.E.S. classes, locked by the teachers, has not yet been implemented.  

As for access to the technical and professional streams, it is possible to carry out discovery internships during the year by adapting the student’s timetable. In case of return to France, a reorientation towards a technological or professional field can be proposed.

The possibility of changing during the year from one English language group to another is no longer allowed because it had become too difficult to manage and created a lot of dissatisfaction. Nevertheless, students who have reached a sufficient level of English at the end of the school year will be offered the opportunity to join one of the English Literature groups the following school year.  

Due to a lack of sufficient numbers, the Oriental section, an alternative to the Japanese OIB (or SIJ), is not offered at the high school to date. The management does not wish to dry up the already low numbers of students in the SIJ. A consultation was held last year with the Japanese team to clarify the model of Japanese in the secondary school. The upcoming creation of an SIJ at the primary level (planned for September 2022) will make it possible to feed a pool of students at the secondary level in the future.  Your representatives insist on the need for a richer offer at the high school level, making it possible to escape the alternative between a very heavy Japanese OIB curriculum that can only concern a few students and the teaching of Japanese as a mother tongue restricted to only 3 hours/week.

Concerning the harmonization of Baccalaureate grades, following the cancellation of the common exams in November, a consultation with the teachers took place to guarantee a harmonization of practices.  A pedagogical council will be organized during the next period.  At the level of the Asian zone, a harmonization and equalization of marks should probably be carried out as was the case last year.

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