Summary of the School Council held on 01/10/2020

A quick report of this Thursday’s School Council  meeting attended by Jessica, Vincent, Joël and Thomas.

The full report is available in French HERE.

Relaxing of the COVID protocol.

The protocol is well respected but in a flexible way, notably to respond to the constraints of the primary level. The management insists on the fact that the epidemic is still present and that the LFIT rules should be on par with the rules in force in the Japanese schools of Kitaku ward. The next meeting of the monitoring group will take place in November, notably to decide whether martial art lessons can be resumed.

Extension of the Christmas vacations.

We keep the current calendar. Children who leave will have to do their quarantine before the beginning of the school year because a CPD cannot be set up in parallel with regular classes. In response to teachers and parents concerned about respecting the quarantine, the principal pointed that mutual trust is one of the foundations of society and reaffirmed his conviction that we should avoid both denunciation and irrationality. The board agreed on the possibility of asking for a sworn statement of quarantine fulfillment from people returning from a trip abroad.

School identity project.

In order to define what the identity and values defended by the school will be in the years to come, the school will launch a consultation. Both elected and voluntary parents will be closely associated with this process. Among the proposals, a strong demand from students concerning environmental issues, education to respect and equality between men and women, education for taste and food… First meeting of volunteers parents, teachers and students on October 15 to work on a survey that will be sent to all the whole  educational community. 


In response to requests from parents, students and teachers, the principal indicated that the closing of the cafeteria is inevitable because its deficit is chronic and too high in the current context. The meals will be adapted to guarantee a choice between two dishes for all, including high school pupils who mostly eat at 1pm. Efforts will be made to offer vegetarian dishes that are both nourishing and appetizing while satisfying all the constraints faced by the service. 


During the confinement, financial reserves have been used to cover transportation costs, fixed canteen fees, the 30% reduction on the 3rd trimester for kindergarten pupils and for the cancelled increase in school fees. The deficit which currently amounts to 130 M¥. In addition,  ~70 expected students could not join the school in September (35 M¥ of first term fees). For your information, this 165 M¥ total  corresponds to ~23 days of school operation. 


FLT-Fapee : LFI Tokyo Families Association