Summary of the School Council held on 2022-11-14

Link to the full minutes in French.


Attendance: administration (principal, vice-principal, director of primary, CPE), Mrs. Pénilla for the embassy, Mr. Vial (inspector of national education for our geographical zone, invited), 5 representatives of the primary/secondary teachers, 1 representative of the staff, 4 representatives of the parents, 3 of the4 advisors of the French abroad and 2 representatives of the students. 


At the beginning of the school year: 1523 students enrolled at LFI Tokyo.


The PPMS, or Plan Particulier de Mise en Sûreté (School Safety Plan), was discussed at length, in particular the need to adapt it to the Annex. In case of a major incident, LFI Tokyo can accommodate all students and staff for 3 days on the main site. A “crisis cell” exercise is planned for the school administration to test and improve the procedures in place. The PPMS will be discussed again at the next Health and Safety Commission (CHS). 

It is necessary to increase the number of personnel trained in first aid and this type of training should also be offered to secondary school students. The trainings have been suspended because of the covid (protocol and availability of French speaking trainers).


Sports association and clubs

The hours of the sports association have been increased by 3h30 to expand activities being offered, many clubs have been created by the students. 183 students are members of a club in the collège (111) and lycée (72). The sports association must have 3 poles: leisure, competition and refereeing. Mrs. Campels reminds us that training for competitions should not be done at the expense of leisure activities. 


Projects, outings and school trips

Many projects have been proposed and the management wishes to validate the majority of the projects which mark the return to normal for the school. School trips are planned withinJapan (all CP, CE1 and CE2, some classes of CM1 and CM2) with a cost limit fixed at 50,000 JPY. The plans for trips abroad have not been validated because the price of air tickets has risen sharply and it is not possible to stay within the 100,000 JPY limit.

At the school council, the allowances for special missions (IMP) were also presented and a discussion on the requests for resident positions resulted in a joint vote by parents, teachers and students on a request for a position at the primary and secondary levels (English). Due to the fact that the lycée covers part of the salary and the local living allowance, the cost of a “resident” teacher is equivalent to that of a local contract teacher.


Answers to various questions from parents

Many questions were asked at the school councils for the primary and the secondary level, the answers have been summarized and translated by the parent’s association HERE (primary) and THERE (secondary)

The full reports are or will be made available in French by the lycee on this page. For secondary school, it’s HERE.


Some highlights:

The session ended after 2.5 hours of discussion (the regulatory limit for such a council) without all of the teachers’ questions having been addressed. They will be answered in writing in the minutes.

FLT-Fapee : LFI Tokyo Families Association